Scuff Pads

There are three standard scuffing pads on the market and we carry all three from the two best manufacturers of them....Norton and Mirka!

White: Light Duty non-abrasive pads won't scratch the surface. They can be used to remove paint overspray.

Gray: Final Prep pads are perfect for the final preparation of surfaces. Ideal for today's paint systems.

Maroon: Heavy-Duty are ideal for prepping replacement parts.

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Norton Bear-Tex - Gray Scuff Pad Norton Bear-Tex - Maroon Scuff Pad Norton Bear-Tex - White Scuff Pad
Norton Bear-Tex - Gray Scuff PadNorton Bear-Tex - Maroon Scuff PadNorton Bear-Tex - White Scuff Pad

NOR-58002 6" x 9", Gray, Heavy Duty, Finer Scratch - 20 ct.

NOR-58000 6" x 9" Maroon, Heavy Duty, Aggresive Cut - 20 ct.

NOR-58001 6" x 9", White, Heavy Duty, Finest - 20 ct.