Saf-T-Lite Stubby II® Cordless LED Work Light - 2 Battery Kit

Saf-T-Lite Stubby II® Cordless LED Work Light - 2 Battery Kit
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  • Item #: SAF-2302-0012
  • Manufacturer: General Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 2302-0012

Saf-T-Lite Stubby II® High Output Cordless LED Work Light - 2 Battery Kit



Don’t worry about coming to the end of your rope. Go cordless! The Stubby II Cordless LED with two Lithium Polymer battery packs gives you the freedom to go anywhere your work takes you. Operating 5.5 hours straight on a full charge, these batteries will last a full work shift.


  • Four 1-watt, 120 degree angle, high output LEDs provide a bright, wide light pattern
  • One lensed 1-watt LED on the end provides flashlight feature
  • Side LED difuser provides nice even light pattern
  • 5000k LED color is preferred by users (bright white color not yellow or purple)
  • Model comes with charger and two battery packs
  • Covered On-Off switch controls end and side LED's
  • Polycarbonate 'Tough-Shield' outer tube is virtually indestructable
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPO) Battery Pack will operate the light for 5 1/2 hours when fully charged
  • Included 120 - 240 Volt charger will charge the battery in 4 hours
  • Lithium Polymer battery resists memory formation, and will last hundreds of recharges
  • Battery charge indicator light in handle of light fixture comes on warning the user when battery power is low. Cut-off circuitry in the light prevents damage from running the battery down too low.


Stubby II Cordless, with charger, with two battery packs

            Very Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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