Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves - Case of 1,000

Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves - Case of 1,000
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  • Item #: DEL-BLK
  • Manufacturer: Delta Gloves
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BLK-100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150


100 Gloves per Box, 10 Boxes per Case



Black Mamba Gloves are designed and manufactured for industrial applications where standard disposable gloves are unable to provide the resilience and performance demanded by the toughest of jobs. Black Mamba gloves work as hard as you do.


Your hands are your business's most valuable assets; ensure that you protect them using the industry's leading disposable glove that offers three times the puncture resistance and superior chemical resistance over Latex and Vinyl disposable gloves.


Black Mamba's Grip Rite textured surface has a secure and tactile grip whilst providing sensitivity for delicate, precise tasks.


Black Mamba's unique compound and manufacturing process means that they are the leading disposable nitrile gloves on the market.



Black 6 mil Nitrile Gloves

Made with a patented NITREX® polymer, this super strong (over 6.0 mil thick) powder free nitrile glove boasts 3 times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove.

The Mamba gloves feature a grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects.

  Available in medium through 2-X sizes! 


   Black Mamba Gloves are sold by the case...  

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